First of all – what a year! A year full of growth, where everything is sped up 10 times…one challenge gets overshadowed by the next, I am exhausted!
But from our biggest challenges we get the biggest rewards and I am grateful for that, especially afterwards and maybe not so much in the midst on the eye of the storm.

So I have unpacked and starting to get familiar with the new area and the new life. My body is aching but for every day that goes I slowly get back to myself from the last crazy week. I realize that all is well. And I feel like sitting back and watching everything unfolding in front of me.

In these insecure times I meet many harsh people, who lash out their feelings on the first person standing in front of them and that is challenging. What a dark age we live in, where the majority of our population are not even familiar with mental cleaning or taking responsibility for themselves. I am one of them some of the time…but I have also an urge of evolving and it can be quite hard in the society full of sheep! I am sorry for being negative but that’s how I feel.

But I am a lion and I refuse to sleep and eat with the sheep.

Will rewrite my DMP shortly and set up new, higher goals! Let’s go.

With love,


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