New waves of opportunity

Hello hello dear ones,

Isn’t it lovely with change? The feeling of that something magical is on its way in, the sense of wonder…Two days ago Thomas took me to an island in the outer archipelago of Stockholm and it was magical, so much air, free so breathe! Open waters, open skyes, and something in me shifted. I let go and surrendered, and it all became to free, slow, fast, vibrant and vast.

And so it is, I am working on letting go, and when I let go I make room for the new to come in. Yes, change is in the air and I love it. In fact I can’t wait… I have my dreams coming true! There is an energy of renewal within me et voilà – I even updated the look of my blog – new colours, more calm, and earthy palette..mmmm! A quote comes to mind:

‘Change is the only thring that will kepp you alive’

And it all shifted when I started doing Master Key exersizes again, working mentally on my dreams, and all the magic came back! I am so greatful for having love in my life, for the magic, and for being held by the Universe.

What is it what you truly desire? Believe and prioritize it and it will come. We are all creators in this life – so pick up your brush and create the canvas of your wildest dreams!


Back on the Horse

Hallo Master Key world! I am back!
Yes, I am and it feels great. God, Ive missed you! Ive missed this energy, joy and bright future outlooks. So this morning I went up and did my old Master Key routine, like the ‘good old times’ – I read Great Salesman, my DMP, my basic cards and my Blueprint. I wrote 2 new cards and I started with Haanel’s lesson 1 and did a 20 min sit. It is my birthday in 2 days and this is the best birthday present I could give myself – because the MAGIC IS BACK IN MY LIFE! I am the happiest when I follow my path, my goals and dreams. And yes, I am the happiest when I no longer wait for others to jump up on my train, but when I accelerate in my own speed. The ones that are destined and willing will be able to keep up, Im done waiting!

What is waiting? Waiting is boring, it is making oneself small in order to fit in to a shape, a situation or a person. Maybe giving up oneself a little. I am able being on a higher frequency and that’s where I am aiming to stay. I am so greateful that I said yes to the continuation and that the yummy Kabalyon waits for me. Thank you Mark and company for making this possible, especially during these confusing times when it is even easier to get lost. So so greatful for all of the Master Key community!

So where am I at? I have succedded in one big thing I wanted – I am happy with my job and financial situation, which was my prio nr 1 when I started Master Key a little less than a year ago. Check on that one! And I am having a leadership role within it, just as I have written down in my DMP. ‘Developing my leadership skills and financing my autonomous life’. Very produ of myself.
Now I have 2 more goals to manifest ASAP, before the 31st of August 2020. In order to match my vibe. I see that until now I have been failing in seeing my worth of what I am worth and giving myself less. I am worth luxury and there is nothing wrong with that. So wish me luck and I will see you in the next round of MKE!
Once again, thank you, all the positive tribe member for being real. It means a lot and feels like a big rock I can have behind my back.

I invite joy, happyness and harmony and receive what is mine ❤

Thank you.



Week 23 – Silence (Stay forever Protected and forever Divine)

Oh how I love the silence…..I wish for it in my head.
Sometimes it feels like all I do is talk to people at my work, all day long. I talk, talk and talk…on the phone, one on one, on meetings…so when I am home I just want peace and quiet, but the thoughts keep running through my head and it takes time for me to make them quiet. If you have a good tip – please let me know! I am too tired to read new stuff, wether it is about spiritual practises or just lovely novels…I just want peace. And wooop! Here comes a webby about silence and quieting your inner dialogue. It is the most thing I desire right now, and I believe it is the most needed thing to do in our society right with all the media circus firing up negative emotions among people.

Maybe it will be a turning point for many, where we will start taking life seriously, because when we become aware of our death, then things start getting important. What I know is that the most important thing right now is to focus on love, and things that you do want in your life and not talking about the only thing media wants us to talk about. Mabe we, as a community will start appreciating each other and come a little bit closer to each other from our separatedness, coming up woth creative solutions to our day to day lives. I mean, many are waking up and questioning our beliefs about school, work and spirituality. Shamanism is becoming more modern, people question what kids are actually learning at school, spirituality and science are actually not that far away from each other and do we really have to go to an office and work 9 to 5 every day? What other alternatives can we have? What do you want? A couple of days ago I had lunch with an IT-architect and a colleague of mine whos dream was to save the world as a biologist. Now he works in IT, having children and living an ‘ordinary’ life but still thinking about putting office in his sailing boat in Stockholm archipellago. And why not?

Why don’t we see potential solutions to this what is happening right now. Because every trauma, how horrible it might be while it is happening, is a hugeopportunity and a blessing to grow. The lower the low, the higher the high. The bigge rthe challenge, the much bigger the impact and amount of strength you gather once you are through. I know it is true because I speak from personal experience.

So I suggest we sit down and quieten our inner dialogue and see what comes up. Maybe it is a view of a free future, however it might look to you. Why don’t we make new ways of living, thinking and surrendering to the divine flow.

Stay forever protected, and forever divine.


Photo borrowed from pinterest

Week 22 – Spiritual Work in the First Attention

Last week, week 22 of Mster Key was kind of a turning point for me. What I am hearing at Master Key about Spirit, Miracles and the spiritual work is not new to me, it is actually what I believe everyone should start with, but I can see that for some people who are unfamiliar with the spiritual world, the schoo of manifestation first includes structure and being goal oriented, visualization and then the latest the spirit.

So about the spiritual work. Everything is energy and vibrates with a certain frequency. It is quite simple actually – what you think, you vibrate. If you think dark thoughts (fear, anger, recentment etc), you vibrate on a lower frequency and if you think better thoughts you vibrate of higher energies accordingly. The frequency you vibrate on is the ‘corridor’, which includes things, people, events, etc that are on the same frequency. If you want to manifest miracles – then switch up and vibrate on that frequency.
So what I did was that I did spiritual work before a meeting, which I was almost sure would go in a certain way. I was so stuck into feelings that I, deep in my core, didn’t wish to feel. With some help from a guide I changed my frequency. I remember that I had to ‘swim’ against the current of my ego screaming that it is all wrong to change the direction of my thoughts, that it is ridiculous, that it was a lie, but I did it anyway. I changed the way I saw the people I was going to meet and I changed the energy and visualized a positive outcome. I sent light to that situation and the meeting went well.

I was on seventh heaven afterwards and right know, writing this, I am still a bit surprised how I could do it. Because I am in a similar situation again and I have to do that exercise all over again! Ah!
The lesson never ends until I master it!

PS Today Mercury goes direct, so it should feel like relief for many.

May the life force flow through you, enlightened ones.


‘We can fail to recognize this world within, and so exclude it from our consciousness, but it will still be the basic fact of all existence; and when we learn to recognize it, not only in ourselves, but in all persons, events, things and circumstances we shall have found the “Kingdom of heaven” which we are told is “within” us.

This power of thought, if understood and correctly used, is the greatest labor- saving device ever dreamed of, but if not understood or improperly used, the result will in all probability be disastrous, as we have already seen; by the help of this power you can confidently undertake things that are seemingly impossible,because this power is the secret of all inspiration, allgenius.
To become inspired means to get out of the beaten path, out of the rut, because extraordinary results require extraordinary means. When we come into a recognition of the Unity of all things and that the source of all power is within,we tap the source of inspiration.

Inspiration is the art of imbibing, the art of self-realization; the art of adjusting the individual mind to that of the Universal Mind; the art of attaching the proper mechanism to the source of all power;
the art of differentiating the formless into form; the art of becoming a channel for the flow of Infinite
Wisdom; the art of visualizing perfection; the art of realizing the omnipresence of Omnipotence.’
-Haanel, Lesson 20, Master Key

This is my prayer. Please let me hear my inner voice so that I can be inspired. In spirit. Please Spirit, please always be near and play and create through me.

Love and light,

Week 21 – Mind over Matter

‘We are in the presence of continual change, and we know that this change is but the evolution of the Universal Mind, the grand process whereby all things are continually being created anew, and we come to know that matter is but a form which Mind takes and is therefore simply a condition. Matter has no principle; Mind is the only principle.’
-Haanel, Master Key, Lesson 19
Haanel also writes:

‘We also know that this mind is static, mind at rest, we also know that the ability of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal Mindand convert it into dynamic mind, or mind in motion.

In order to do this fuel must be applied in the form of food, for man cannot think without eating, and so we find that even a spiritual activity such asthinking cannot be converted into sources of pleasure and profit except by making use of material means.

It requires energy of some kind to collect electricity and convert it into a dynamic power, it requires the rays of the sun to give the necessary energy to sustain plant life, so it also requires energy in the form of food to enable the individual to think and thereby act upon the Universal Mind.

All wealth is the offspring of power; possessions are of value only as they confer power. Events are significant only as they affect power; all things represent certain forms and degrees of power.’

Reading and writing about all of this I see myself changing my thoughts once again and remembering the Toltec sourcerer ways of living in the 1st attention – read this materialistic world, which most of the people believe is the only one, while in truth is a very small and limiting dimension. So the Toltec sourcerers’ main traits were STALKING and DREAMING. And the STALKING part is very applyable to my situation. Writing this blogpost I was about to start wining about how terrible everything is, especially dealing with other people egos, fears, agendas etcetera. But this world is unfortunately ruled by fear (=ego) and ego is small, and that’s why all the solutions and ways of seeing things are small too. And my lesson here is to learn how to flow through it, instead of getting absorbed by it.

Stalking is about learning the patterns of human behavior and apply them for the highest good. For example if a person is fat and ets too much, then a stalking tactic would be to cook food and store them in small portions available per day, so that the person stalks himself and predicts his pattern of behaving (eating everything at once) and can eat only the small portion available. Stalking with people can be of similar character – there are certain codes of behavior and appearance, which when used in proper way accents desirable traits in a person practicing stalking.
If you are curious about what stalking is you can read about it in Carlos Castaneda’s books. I got reminded by Haanel and Castaneda (thank you God for sending me helping thoughts!) that I need to accept this challenge in order to flow instead of resisting it.
So now I am accepting the challenge, because I have a vision of where I am going and I want to have a good time on the way. Right now.

May you be aware of your power,

Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

Week 20 – One Truth

According to the Mayan calender I am White Electric Dog and Electric is my tune – which is correct according to me and probably everyone who has met me, if you ask them. My realm is truth. I am like a detective dog sniffing out when someone is lying, or not telling the whole truth going to the bottom of the matter. Before I usually confronted people with their untruths, which made them highly uncomfortable, but now I don’t bother. It just makes it very boring to talk to people who are liers, and most of the people are.

What a negative attitude I have on people..Let me put it this way: it is not them, it is their conditioning, the ego, the big amount of layers of negative thoughts that have made them behave in a certain way. Our way of thinking makes our lives. We create our lives with our thoughts…We choose the life we live….You know it by now. So the interesting part of this blogpost is that I don’t think in advance of what I am going to write about, it just comes out and I trust that what will come out is right, what will come out is the TRUTH.
And in this case it is all very simple: I am obviously lying to myself. You see, as you already probably know it, what we tell others is what we tell ourselves. And I can stand for this what I am writing, because this is an example of how I work with myself – I follow a thought and see where it leads me and then I unwind it to the origin of where it came from. So the origin in my case is not the other people ofcourse, it is me. And what is it that I have been telling myself this time? A lot of bullshit ofcourse!

You see today is a new moon in Pisces which is a magical energy which I have used properly. I wrote a letter to the Moon and the Universe and God and Spiritual world, I meditated on my wish, I wrote a list, I talked to the water spirits in the lake and I even threw two coins to them in order for the wish to come true. And I got so much energy out of it, and yes, after that the old blueprint took over and started scaring me in thousands of ways – as an Observer I can now see it was because it didn’t want me to try new waters not knowing where I’m at, trying, as always to keep me small and ‘safe’ sitting on my bottom feeling as a victim.

The miracoulous part is the big miracle that I am. All the letters I have written to the Moon – bam – they all came true. My latest seven months is a chain of miracles which lack a logical explanation. A series of events, of people I met, which led me from one thing to another are all big miracles. So why am I so desperate to keep holding on to worry, though I know I am being held? Because I am still addicted to feeling shit than feeling love. That is the truth. And by asking the simple and the most important question of all times I get back to all that is:

Who Am I?

I am the observer, now getting out of the way, releasing the control and becoming receptive, making myself the curious adventurer, penetreating the new worlds and watching magic unfolding in front on my eyes….

I am love.

Week 19 – You Live the Life You Choose

Hello blog, universe, God, world, life..
Thank you for giving me this life, this day to be alive and feel the wind on my cheeks, the grey air sweeping past me with a hope of far, cold and silent winter sun somewhere in the horizon. Days are getting longer, a promise of spring feels near, with its whispers that soon, very soon everything will be changed. Once again.

I feel that it is very turbulent times within me for the moment since I no longer have the urge, though the impulse is still there, but just like when I don’t really enjoy a glass of wine anymore, in the same way I am not fully absorbed by someone else’s guidance. It doesn’t fulfill me anymore. Earlier in my life I was looking for answers out side of me through friends, coaches, family members, boyfriends, career mentors, mediums, astrologers, tarot cards…I can probably g on for a while. But now it doesn’t fulfill me. I am still looking for answers but it is different this time. I am writing this with a hint of melancholy underneath….because I guess the world is not as it used to be.

I am in a time of transformation, so I’ve been told.
And since the webby yesterday the common phrase surfaces my mind all day today “You live the life you choose”. So what is it I choose? Do I choose struggle? Fatigue? Unsatisfaction? No. I feel both old and new. And old tired..person and a hope for spring, joy and innocence. Is it gone forever and will I now be buried in responsibilities now? Or is it closer than it seems? How ironic that wisdom and innocence do not come together…or do they? Actually why wouldn’t they? Don Genaro was very wise and innocent at the same time.

So what is it that I want? I want to be in my flow, totally in tune with my inner voice, like yesterday when all of a sudden I felt an urge to paint. I had almost ruined that painting a week ago and sadly thought that I now won’t be able to paint for a while since I have that serious job! But wrong I was! The Spirit took over. Funnily, when that happens I always feel so hungry! So instead of fulfilling my ego needs of pizza I continued painting and magic happenned. I felt so much joy, I let God create through me and such magnificent colours came through me! It is not yet finished but I promise I will show it to you when it is. So how come I have so little time and energy for that and again all the responsibilities lie somewhere else. Is life really supposed to be this way? Even my favourite astrologer has last week announced that after 8 years he was feeling burned out, and that he needed to take care of himself and he didn’t know when he will be back, and just before that mentioning that this crazy fast-paced intense energy is the new normal. Okeeeey…….And Mercury went retrograde yesterday in Pisces, which is my health, work and day-to-day routines house, so maybe that explaines a lot, since I am struggling with my new reality, going to work, waking up early, going back to work, trying to eat healthy, sleep, manage to workout and not shut off all my intuition in order to function. That’s why I was so happy when I started painting again. It was Sunday, so it took me two days to come back to myself…
Oh yes, today I saw two beautiful swans swimming in a lake gracefully and a magpie building a huge home. Universe is supporting me and I am held!

So now I will meditate and ask myself, what is my next best step.


Week 18 – Full Moon in Leo

‘Thought is creative and the principle on which the law is based is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature of things; but this creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance; the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy.’
-Haanel, Master Key Lesson week 18′

It has been a very challenging week for me and the quote above is the goal of my struggles. I have reached the stepping stone on my manifestation journey and all the insecurities came along! Summoning it all it has been a lesson in remembering who I am – another layer of the same old thing, and giving myself permission to be powerful beyond measure, giving myself permission in being happy and believing in myself.

Astrologically we had a Full Moon in Leo this morning and as always it is time to release the old when it is Full Moon. This one is very on time – as always with me and the Moon – since I am a Leo and Leo Moon is about love, courage, power, giving yourself permission to be happy and joyful. And what is love? Ofcourse it includes believing in oneself as a lioness – the queen of the jungle. While writing this, I already feel better actually. Pewww….! What a relief! I had almost forgotten that I already am all that!

The creative power, which I call that the Spirit comes and plays through me, as Haanel says ‘does not originate in the individual, but in the universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance; the individual is simply the channel for the distribution of this energy’ – and so it is. When I let go of self limiting beliefs – aka the old blueprint or conditioning – or ego – then I am ready to receive that creative energy, or God who creates through me.
So God, please, create magic through me! Take my hand and lead me the way one step at a time. As above, so below.



Week 17HJ – What Am I Pretending Not to Know?

Some thoughts about leadership. What is a good leadership?

So, I have manifested a job which was for my highest good as a Consultant Manager and yesterday was my first day at work where I met all the wonderful colleagues and consultants, all gathered for a collective academy day. I was busy and focused on making a good impression, at the same time staying true to myself and I was totally exhausted at the end of the day when the old blueprint reminded of itself.

Luckily, I have recently implemented a new approach to the old blueprint. I no longer detest it and force it to go away, I use another approach, a much gentler one. I talk to it as to a little scared girl, telling her that all is ok, that she is ok. After all, it is the ego, or my will, which made be achieve my goals. It is the ego or the will that makes me want to fight, to be passionate in order to survive and continue on my spiritual path and it is also the same ego that is clinging to the old conditioned self, making itself small, dragging me backwards. It is the contradiction of all times.

Interesting thought that Buddha had (I have a wonderful man who inspires me in spirituality and I thank you my love for that) about the ego. The ultimate goal is to extinguish one’s ego – Nirvana means extinction – but in order to get there you need your will, your drive, aka your ego. So you use the tools presented to you where you are on your spiritual path as a raft to cross a river, and when they’ve played its purpose and no longer serve you, then you let go of them and move to the next level.

So I was sitting and writing in my journal about leadership, processing all the impressions of the last day, from all the people I’ve met, if I did this and that right or wrong, etc. Over and over again I came to a thought, or a fear of not being good enough, so I dived in and investigated it further. With a vivid imagination like mine, you can come pretty far with imagining things that can happen, in fact everything gets possible very quickly!
I can see that I am guided and protected, my Inner Me taking my hand and showing me the way one step at a time – because then I changed my perspective from viewing myself from the eyes of others (what did she think of this, how did he react to that, etc), to viewing myself from within.
I love myself, I respect myself. I have forgiven myself for everything, because I see where I come from, life has not always been easy and I have truly done my best. I have not excelled in every part of it, but over all, I have truly done my best. I have done my best in being disciplined and achieving my goals, in tuning in to myself and being creative and trusting the flow – as much as I could do THEN. It is not about being perfect (I’ve said it many times to myself, but being a high achiever I have never truly believed in that until now). I have done my best in breathing slowly when negative thoughts bombarded me, I have done my best to tune into my heart and love in the midst of a fight with a loved one…I have given myself permission to feel powerful beyond measure and I have given myself permission to be relaxed and happy. Over and over again. And I will continue doing it over and over again. Because I love myself and I respect myself. And that makes me a good leader – I treat others with love and respect.

What am I pretending not to know? I am a good leader because I treat others with love in my heart and respect.
Because I am a person with sunshine in my eyes.

One Love,