Week 20 – You are Just One Thought Away from Paradise

I absolutely love Haanels exersise:

‘For your exersise this week, go into the Silence and concentrate on the fact that ‘In him (I doubt God is either a he or a she though! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) we live and move and have our being’ is literally and scientifically exact! That you ARE because He IS, that if He is Omnipresent, He must be in you. That if He is all in all you must be in Him! That He is Spirit and you are made in ‘His image and likeness’ and that the only difference between His spirit and your spirit is one of degree, that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole. When you can realize this clearly you will have found the secret of the creative power of thought, you will have found the origin of both good and evil, you will have found the secret of the wonderful power of concentration, you will have found the key to the solution of every problem whether physical, financial, or environmental.’
– Haanel, Lesson 20, Master Key Experience

I am thinking about what Davene said that we live the life we chose and ofcourse, that is absolutely true. It makes me more alert on what choices I will make and I have a lot of choice making this year I feel. I simply cannot go with the comfort zone. I have to go where excitement is, and after all – it is the same feeling as fear, as excitement and fear are the same feeling, they are just different sides of the same coin.

Just let it sink in a for a while.
Really sink in.

And now ask yourself a question – what is the meaning of your life? Is it getting a solid bank account? Or is it living a life where each moment is taking your breath away? I guess I needed that reminder…
I am currently reading a book about our ascension process on Earth during these times and according to them there are many beings in the Universe who lack what we have. They might be more advanced, but do you know what is so special with planet Earth? It is that here – we are able to FEEL. Think of it, self directed thinkers – you know how to rule your thoughts and therefore your feelings, so you can create ANY feeling you want and the more positive you get the more of the good stuff you feel. Think of it! You can create your own yummie paradise right here on this planet Earth!
And now go back to the exersise in the beginning of this post.

You are just one thought away from paradise.

Unconditional Love,

Week 19 – Opportunities

I am feeling that my life is improving in so many ways! Wow and the coolest and most awesome part is that it is me who has created it – I am a true magician! That is soooo cool!
I am very proud of myself and all the work I am doing with myself and seeing the fruits of my labor is very rewarding.

I feel that it is busy times for me this month, a lot of new starts and opportunities in different areas. And though they haven’t yet manifested in the physical form yet I feel that they are about to sprout.
‘And a new life will sprout within me’
– The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino, Scroll I

I feel this year I am working on myself on a deeper level, but rooting myself into new reality and new beliefs and really feeling more of the magician and creator power within me. I have started dancing, I am painting again!! I have a new ritual of waking up earlier, lighting candles and making coffee and breakfast in bed to myself and writing in my journal. Things that I am grateful for, things I have been thinking about and my plans and how I wish to take of myself today. It is very loving, cozy and warming starting my day in that manner. Then I am ready whatever it is at work, and actually my work has improved. Everything goes smoothly lately ๐Ÿ™‚ I am enjoying my now instead of running forward. I am feeling more and more of my power and I am enjoying the now, while creating my future.

I love my dancing classes, it is such a great dancing studio with so many great women. The interior is pink with disco balls and there are amazing women laughing, dancing pole, burlesque, dancehall and twerk and many other dance styles. The energy is so positive and bubbly and it feels like a shot of happiness going there each time! I am feeling creative again and I am more receptive and open spiritually and more sure of my intuition and of what my guides are telling me. I am enjoying my meditations before going to bed. I am enjoying life being me and being with me. Putting myself first and enjoying my own company.

Ofcourse I have a lot to improve and work on still, but I guess I would also like to encourage everyone who reads this to boast how good you are because there is nothing wrong with that. We can be good and even great together! Lifting each other up into positivity!

Be happy and be proud of yourselves!
Think of 5 things that you are proud of with yourself today.
I am proud of my beautiful pink nails and that I painted them yesterday, I am proud of me being a great project manager and leader, getting things done, seeing the whole picture, being empathetic and totally awesome!
I am proud of me having such a cozy home. I am proud of myself having a strong, healthy and athletic body. I am proud of myself being so hungry for knowledge!! And I am proud of myself for being able to feel joy!
And I am proud of my clever, cute and amazingly adorable cat Vasja and I love him very much!
Be proud, peeps!

Week 18 – Going Within

This week has been an interesting week. From starting as a challenge – it became, or should I say I made it to an opportunity to transmute it to my greatest gift.

What I did was when I was craving love from the outside the most – I actually did, on a deep level – I changed my way of thinking and acting. I changed my old deep pattern IN ACTION and started think and slowly act differently. I got aware of the pattern and that I – or my peptides – were craving the fix. I have seen it many times but this time I was able to change the behavior. I had made a decision that no more, I will not take this sh*t no more, I am changing my life on a deep level and putting new highways for my peptides, autobahns to heaven I will call them! So instead of being sad and wanting someone to comfort me I started doing it myself, really doing it. I talked to myself, wrote in my diary, and was comforting me the way I would want someone else to do it to me. And it worked! I got so cozy, I drank tea, wrote in my journal, watched the snow fall outside my window. I sat and meditated and visualized my new future and I felt the new future me closer and closer, I was her, I am her.

It all starts with a decision. You can talk about how much you understand something, you can try doing something, taking action and ‘trying’. But if you haven’t truly made a decision to succeed no matter what it won’t work. You can’t say ‘I’ll try’. you have to say ‘I WILL SUCCEED NO MATTER WHAT’. I am quite good at succeeding in many areas of my life but my emotional life has been the most difficult part having anxiety over past traumatic events in my life I have been handling it. Now I am happy to say I am succeeding with cutting it out from the root. Wow, I am actually really proud of myself for doing the work, for digging out the weeds in order for my roots to grow thick, strong and long.

I have the last couple of years, especially last year felt that I don’t have time for bullshit, working on myself, turning every stone within me to becoming my true me. Because I know, I have seen the wonder, the unconditional love, the ecstasy, the magic and I don’t want to waste a moment living in old peptide addictions. I will live this day as if it is my last and with this I will improve myself as much as I can.

What happened when I went inside and nurtured myself? Spirit started playing with me and I got inspired – and started a new painting! It is in the working for the moment and it is a totally new motive – I have painted women or goddesses during the latest year and now something new is bursting to come and surface.

And though it is -13 C outside I have a bubbly feeling of spring and as if something big and amazing is about to happen.


Week 17 HJ

The week of a hero’s journey was about going deeper in understanding and accumulating the knowledge and feeling of being a self-directed thinker. You can either envision it in areas of your life where you want to achieve more success, for instace career wise, which I did the first year of MKE. It was more direct about achieving things I needed and wanted and was entitled to. This time it is on a deeper level by BECOMING that which I wish to achieve.

The reason for Press release is the same – you align your vibe with what you wish mor eof in your life. For instance I see myself living in that house, working as a shaman, writing that book…and instead of doing a visualization technique and seeing myself having it, I go the opposite way and ask myself ‘How is that woman having it?’ and then I feel into her. I align myself with her and I see what feeling inside of me I need to anchor so it becomes my life, so that I become her.

Being a self-directed thinker is also about growing up in every aspect of that meaning. Growing a muscle of being in my core and not letting people and outer circumstances get me out of my core. I am going through a situation in my life which is quite challenging emotionally for me and I have chosen to see it as an opportunity to practice how quickly I can bounce back to my core, my true self and my happy me. Earlier I needed outside help but the latest weeks I see more and more of the fighter in me even in this area of life. Controlling my thoughts and controlling my emotions. By doing that, I have also REALLY started listening much more to my inner voice and not asking anyone else’s opinion, before I make my own. First it was uncomfortable but then it became liberating on a deeper level. I take my own choices and I set my boundaries that make ME feel good and that feel TRUE to ME. That was also very uncomfortable, but I pushed through and I stand in my truth.

I feel more solid, empowered. Steady wins the race. Though being without instant gratification I am gaining so much more – ME.

Lots of love,

Week 17 – My Authentic Self

Continuing frm week 16 I went on diving in to myself, instead of diving into my desires and asking for them I started feeling – adjusting my vibe to the vibe of the things I want and magical things started happening.

‘When I choose me – the Universe chooses me too!’

I asked myself: how do I love myself? And one of the answers was – showing up for myself, having fun with myself. And I asked myself:
‘What makes me feel truly alive?’ and – driving a car fast, shooting, surfing, dancing, riding a horse, painting and writing were some things among my answer. And how many was I doing recently? Not many….so….that’s when all the magic happenned!!
Apparently there was a try out week at a pole dance studio where my colleague tried to get me for a year! And so this week I have taken classes in:
– Feminine vibe
– Dancehall/twerk
– Pole
– Flex
My body aches so much so I can barely move but WOOOOW the high, the joy!!! I have really shifted, I am not the same person. I have also gotten a mentor in my career. Things definately started moving. In a couple of days!
And so the next thought comes: if I can do this in a couple of days….yes, I have been afraid of my own power…who can keep up with me?

All the best,

Week 16 – Becoming what I want to attract

‘..Harmony and happiness are states of consciosness and do not depend upon the possesion of things. That things are effects and come as a consequence of correct mental states. So that if we desire material posession of any kind our chief concern should be to acquire the mental attitude which will bring about the result desired. This mental attitude is brought about by a realization of our spiritual nature and our unity with the Universal Mind which is the substance of all things. This realization will bring about everything which is nescessary for our complete enjoyment. This is scientific or correct thinking. When we succeed in bringing abut this mental attitude it is comparatively easy to realize our desire as an already accomplished fact; when we can do this we shall have found the ‘Truth’ which makes us ‘free’ from every lack or limitation of any kind.’
– Haanel, Lesson 16, #37

I suddenly FELT the realization, that if I desperately want for something is not the same thing as BEING that vibe. So I started thinking ‘how is that woman having all that stuff I want?’ and I started feeing like her. Meditating her, and landing inside her. She is not desperate, she is calm, cool and hell yea..wow. That is her.

That is me.

Week 15 – Commitment

This is my intention that I fully commit to do my best to be.

I fully commit to being there for myself and showing up for myself and being my best self at all times

Nurturing myself and being my own mother when I am in need of comfort,

Giving myself unconditional love believing in myself,

Keeping healthy boundaries

Being a master of my thoughts

Taking responsibility

Being radiant

Enjoying my own company

Trusting universe, nature cycles and spirit

Allowing myself to receive unconditional love

Being the highest form of unconditional love.


Week 14 – Focusing on Harmony

This week has been a long week, it feels more like a month. All of the things that have happenned I maganed to deal with partly thanks to Haanels lesson 4. Every night before going to bed I did my sit focusing on harmony around myself and I feel this is the best thing I could have done for me. I feel that the last challenging month has already taught me a lot and though it most of the time felt like tidious sacrifice and monotonous work – I can see new good habits have made me more solid. I have been taking a better care of myself when I had to be with me and deal with it. So the sit has been a miracle for me. I could calm the rushing thoughts and lie down with a sence of piece.

Harmonious conditions inside of us make the outside world bend and make it harmonious on the outside. – as Haanel says it with his words in lesson 14. I still feel like my life is a little bit on pause but slowly things are moving.

A wonderful thing had happenned – I have met my new tribe yesterday! They are happy aussi, hawaii and american people who are full of joy and sunshine! I have almost forgotten how that feels and it gave me so much energy to remember that! Seeing a hawaiian sunset and beautiful ocean, chatting to lovely and sunny aussi people..wow. Thank you for being you, all of you! And also thank you Karin, my mastermind partner with support and advice. I really needed of that this time.

This week has been a lot of intro- and retrospection and with that being said, I am looking forward for the new year to kick in, hopefully it will happen after the new moon on the 13th of Jan.

Lots of love,


Week 13 – Fate train or the Law of Causation

Saturn is the lord of karma and sure it has been some karmic happenings that have shaken me to the core this week! I am all calm and happy on Monday, winder solstice at 11:02 and Saturn and Jupiter meet at 9 pm in Aquarius and I am feelling a scent of a brave new world (as Shakespeare would have said!) – and it is interesting because we havenรคt had this constellation on the skies since the middle of 1600-something, or 17th century and even then it was obscured by the Sun, so when we really were able to see Saturn and Jupiter meet the last time in Aquarius was 1262 or around there. This is huge!!! We are entering from the earth segment into the air! Earth has been a lot about the physical plane, real estate, beauty…(Venus in Taurus) and that’s why you were very successful if you had business in real estate or the beauty idustry..and now! It is air! Aquarious! Which is intellect, edge, tehcnology…we won’t be tied up by land, but by th espace we take up on the internet. Aquarius is about expansion, detachment from drama, freedom, outcast thinkig, unity from the whole picture, thinkig outside the box, innovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my element!!!! This is me, having Uranus moon in Sagittarius I am all about freedom, rebellion, expansion!

This is so awesome. I have totally shifted from the last week, I REMEMBER WHO I AM! I enjoy my own company and I am full of ideas. I am very tired though, but no wonder, since a big chock totally put my system upside down and I am recovering, for the first time in my life celebrating Christmas by myself – and I am satisfied. It feels good, calm, nurturing and as if I am cocooning in order to get ready for what is to come. I have all my life been afraid for being alone and here I am and I LOVE IT. I am not gonna settle for less than this. I am not making myself small again in order to get love or prove something to someone in order to be loved. I love myself and I will increase this love more and more for every day. And my dreams….my dreams are gonna be magnificent.

I am magnificent.



Week 12 – a bubble of transformation

Last week has been like a week of bubble for me, actually all December has been. It is as if I was isolated from my Spiritual world and all there was was emptyness. I was looking back with nostalgia, allowing fears to take over. Somewhere I knew that I knew I needed to head forward, but memories kept dragging me backwards.

I remembered how it all felt magical a year ago. I was a top MKE student and I was focused on my dreams. I tried to predict my future and saw nothing, no signs, no light, just nothing, not good or bad, just a day full of empty time. I knew I had to act. I took myself out on a lovely Christmas fare and a Me-date. I bought a body scrub to honor myself, to practise self-love. I went to the gym…nothing. And as the darkness came the fears came back. And then one day I thought ‘enough!’.

If I don’t see amazing things happen in future – then I will make them happen!
And then it all took action. I asked Universe for new friends, and the same day I got asked if I wanted to mastermind with a lovely Karin from Norway! An old friend called the day after and we had a very interesting talk, and then I called MKE mastermind after the webby and got my answers from Mark and Davene. I told them and everyone who cared to listen, walking past my embaressment and admitting that I has’t done the work fully and that I was feeling bad and going backwards with regrets to one year ago time – and wow! Mark told me that I had succeeded once and manifested all I wanted a year ago – and I HAD SEEN MY MAGINIFICENCE! and then gone back to my old blueprint. They told me that it doesn’t matter what has happenned, Mark has done it too, and subby doesn’t know what happenned yesterday wen I say ‘I always keep my promises’. Subby just knows here and now and so…I am a magical being and when I lift my head up to God I cannot not smile.

Hi God, I am doing the work, now give me the yummie stuff!

Hehe and that was that, it was exatly what I needed to shift. I had ding the preword and i needed that push from someone who believed and encouraged me. Thank you Mark and Dave. Big changes in my inner, very very big.

And I knew. I am so much bigger, stronger and more open to the universal magic and magnificence. This time I am making it bigger, much bigger and much more magnificent. I am going for my dreams, with fire and blood ๐Ÿ™‚

World, hold on.