I am feeling that my life is improving in so many ways! Wow and the coolest and most awesome part is that it is me who has created it – I am a true magician! That is soooo cool!
I am very proud of myself and all the work I am doing with myself and seeing the fruits of my labor is very rewarding.

I feel that it is busy times for me this month, a lot of new starts and opportunities in different areas. And though they haven’t yet manifested in the physical form yet I feel that they are about to sprout.
‘And a new life will sprout within me’
– The Greatest Salesman in the World, Og Mandino, Scroll I

I feel this year I am working on myself on a deeper level, but rooting myself into new reality and new beliefs and really feeling more of the magician and creator power within me. I have started dancing, I am painting again!! I have a new ritual of waking up earlier, lighting candles and making coffee and breakfast in bed to myself and writing in my journal. Things that I am grateful for, things I have been thinking about and my plans and how I wish to take of myself today. It is very loving, cozy and warming starting my day in that manner. Then I am ready whatever it is at work, and actually my work has improved. Everything goes smoothly lately 🙂 I am enjoying my now instead of running forward. I am feeling more and more of my power and I am enjoying the now, while creating my future.

I love my dancing classes, it is such a great dancing studio with so many great women. The interior is pink with disco balls and there are amazing women laughing, dancing pole, burlesque, dancehall and twerk and many other dance styles. The energy is so positive and bubbly and it feels like a shot of happiness going there each time! I am feeling creative again and I am more receptive and open spiritually and more sure of my intuition and of what my guides are telling me. I am enjoying my meditations before going to bed. I am enjoying life being me and being with me. Putting myself first and enjoying my own company.

Ofcourse I have a lot to improve and work on still, but I guess I would also like to encourage everyone who reads this to boast how good you are because there is nothing wrong with that. We can be good and even great together! Lifting each other up into positivity!

Be happy and be proud of yourselves!
Think of 5 things that you are proud of with yourself today.
I am proud of my beautiful pink nails and that I painted them yesterday, I am proud of me being a great project manager and leader, getting things done, seeing the whole picture, being empathetic and totally awesome!
I am proud of me having such a cozy home. I am proud of myself having a strong, healthy and athletic body. I am proud of myself being so hungry for knowledge!! And I am proud of myself for being able to feel joy!
And I am proud of my clever, cute and amazingly adorable cat Vasja and I love him very much!
Be proud, peeps!

21 thoughts on “Week 19 – Opportunities

  1. After a long and unintentional sojourn. your blog rover friend, Loren, is back. First, congrats on your blog being the one featured at the start of the Week 20 Sunday webinar! Of the many things I could comment on, the way you describe your dance classes almost makes me want to go the Kaitlin Jenner route so I can join in! Fantastic tribute to MKE! 🙂


  2. Hej Anna!
    Hoppas du är svensk nu, annars gör jag bort mig, haha.
    Vad jag förstår är detta ditt andra år. Jag är på mitt första 🙂
    Kul att du har börjat måla igen! I mitt DMP är målet att bli konstnär på heltid.
    Kram, Melina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hej Melina!
      Vad roligt att du skriver. Ja, det är mitt andra år, men man blir aldrig fullärd, precis som att man slutar inte gå till gymmet 🙂 Om man nu gillar att gymma.
      Roligt med ditt konstnärskap, jag ska ta och kika på din sida. Att bli konstnär på heltid är en av de sakerna jag vill göra också! Var bor du i Sverige?
      Kram, Anna

      Liked by 1 person

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