I am so blessed.

This week has been a turning point for me. If you have read my previous post, then you know I have been struggling. It was pressure at work and pressure and stress with finding a new house to live in. I felt I was behind my plan (I am a red if you haven’t noticed!) and I was struggling with believing in my powers. I prayed and prayed and with help from my mentor, and my dear boyfriend Thomas I signed a house to rent! I had seen so many houses and they didn’t make my heart sing, or even manage to put a smile to my face, but this one made me feel vigorous, powerful, joyful and full of life again – I was back! That’s how I knew it was for me and though it didn’t fulfill ALL of my checkboxes I went with the flow. I like the people I am renting from, they were really easy to get along with, and I also felt I could be inspired by them in a few ways. Happy I am!

Now when I feel that this major thing is getting sorted – I a moving on Saturday next week – the same day as it is full moon! – I feel that my inspiration is coming flooding over me! My two PPNs are Spiritual Growth and last year it was autonomy, but this year when I did the exersize I got Recognition for Creative Expression and was quite unsure of it. But now I feel it is poking on my attention, waiting, wispering and longing to come and create through me! I am soooo happy about that, it feels like I am coming to bloom out, I am coming alive again! Or maybe again for the first time in this lifetime! Anyway it all feels very exciting, intriguing and very very lovely. I imagne myself decorating my new tiny house. It will be an oyster with a perl inside, yes it will feel like a perl when you get inside my house! Aaaahhhhh!!!

And with that being said I very grateful to Davene, Charlotte and GG and Thomas with inspiring me what Recognition for Creative Expression can look like and how to make it possible to monetize on it. For the moment I am inspired by a podd ‘Sekelskiftessystrar’ – https://mariastadell.se/podd/ by two women, Maria Stadell and Ida Gerdemark who talk about their move to the countryside and how they create and build their creative businesses. They live in period houses, grow wonderful gardens with beautiful flowers and vegetables, and they create. Maria gives online courses for creative women online and inspires them to listen to their inner inspiration. Maria has written a wonderful book ‘Den inre rΓΆsten’ (in english ‘The inner voice’), which is about her journey from the office job and grey life, to a colourful life, where she dares to follow her inner voice and its whispers and creates from there. Ida (https://www.idagerdemark.se/) is a designer, artist and creator of her brand ‘Papper och flΓ€tor’ (Tr. ‘paper and braids’). They are my big inspiration since I also want to live in the country side and not being bound to an office, and be able to create. I feel so grateful for all of this inspiration.

I am listening to the second episode of their podcast and it feels like my soul sings with joy. When I move, I will have plenty of time to be creative since my house situation will be sorted. I have a dream to write a book, have a vernissage for my paintings and now I get inspired of making podcasts, writing more, creating, creating, creating!!

It feels like something bursts out through me and I hear Maria say something that really resonates with me ‘It’s not me who is creating, instead I am being led in my creating’.

The more I trust, the more I open up to the Universe and Spirit creating through me. And this, my dear friends, is a meaning of life – being true to your authentic self and creating the fairy-tale of your dreams!

PS And by the way – check out my latest piece of art:

She dreams her world and creates it from her feminine wisdom, center of tremendous power – her womb. I walk the path of empowering women, by breaking all the shoulds a woman is supposed to do, by being in my old soul wisdom and my authenticity and my joy, pure as a child’s.

What would you do if you knew you were supported?

acryllic on canvas, 120 x 100 cm

7 thoughts on “Week 4 – Creative Grace

    1. Thank you Norman. After this week I will dig depper with all the yummie MKE stuff. Loving the future me work – procrastinating is dumping it on future me, so I will totally work back in my focud. Appreciate that you are holding me respondible. πŸ™‚
      Wish you a wonderful week!

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